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Thursday, August 15, 2019

This has been an incredibly busy week and I’m up at 12:54am trying to meet some site deadlines and push out some content. I was looking at an episode about a worker in HK that makes neon light art and creates the glass by heating it up over fire and blowing air through it. It requires a lot of patience and diligence. It was by a gentleman called Wu and I will have to look into that for one of the upcoming articles. I have quite a few topics to write. We’ve had to do slight site overhauls but our site is steadily improving and we’re planning to add more multimedia content soon.

The HK protests and Yellow Vest movement is deeply on our minds as well as the massive 800.49 plunge in the Dow Jones industrials plus the inverted bond yield curve. Is a recession around the corner? Gold has permeated the $1500 boundary recently and has steadily risen from $1300 up to now.

I have another gig I have to do tomorrow at 6am in the morning so it’s past my rest time. Will also be doing some tech reviews soon.

Also we have been preaching security, security, security and noticed about last Thursday a social media site had 2FA problems and contacted them to fix their site. And happily today they seem to have corrected the problem. Will keep you informed.

Be well and be safe readers. Stack that cash and diversify.


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