Consumer Fraud, ID theft and deception

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Consumer Fraud uses deceptive practices goods or services to bilk someone out of money.

Identity is using a person’s personal information to misrepresent and impersonate to get some type of financial gain.

There are several ways to protect access to accounts:

  • Put PINs or passwords or swipe patterns on your electronic device.
  • Shred documents that have your ID numbers and check for bogus or suspicious charges on your bank statements.
  • Beware anytime someone asks for personal information especially if unsolicited and especially if urgent or tantalizing.
  • Don’t connect to unsecured public networks or computer.
  • Be vigilant to scams and consider contacting a person via phone or speaking in person for especially sensitive information.
  • Don’t send cash to someone especially one you don’t know.
  • Check your financials and credit report periodically.

Know how to report fraud and false advertising and deceptive and unfair business practices.

  • You do have a right to view your financial records and report and dispute incorrect information.
  • You have a right to all important terms and conditions in lending.
  • You have right to a certain standard of protection for financial products and services.

Don’t forget to periodically check your credit history and finances.

  • Fraud alerts make it so that a business has to verify you before opening up further credit in your name.
  • Credit freezes prevents certain accesses to your credit file.

    These services are free for at least a year and then may have additional charges after.

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