Moving & shaking

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Boy, what a difference three days makes!

I normally go in every day and work my 9 to 5 and then take my daily commute. I am not a big fan of it much since there are often new bus drivers that don’t know the route or are heavy footed and like to ride the brakes hard. Or they ride on the tails of other cars and make sudden stop and go movements that surely have given me whiplash or contributed to the symptoms over the years. Well I took off two Fridays in a row and boy is it terrific! You don’t really realize how much you can accomplish and recuperate when you take some days off.

I am very lucky to be working at a stable job that pays well and has decent benefits, don’t get me wrong but sometimes it feels like they just need to hire more people because things have changed over the years in terms of budget and just the amount of load on one person has doubled. Luckily we are only busy for about 6 months of the year and then it heavily tapers off for the latter 4 months or so. That gives us time to train and also prepare for a new year.

I’ve been also lucky that our office has special tasks for certain people and I’m sort of a “team leader” or something for some of our contingency planning. It is exciting to know that I get to help out on something this important.

Sometimes you get into a routine and you check your paycheck and feel like you’re spinning your wheels so every now and then it’s nice to have a change of pace and it was nice to get recognized at the office and also run some drills.

Anyways, so I’ve been delaying major personal purchases because, surprise(!), I plan to be maybe moving in a month or so to a new location. Not too far from where I’m at but got help from some fam and plan to find a new place. You wouldn’t believe all the things you have to worry about when you find a place:

  • Water, electricity, telephone, cable, Internet & changing things over
  • Furniture
  • Moving things & tools
  • Cleaning
  • Locks

So I got to look around as my fam closed the deal and picked up the keys. I got to look around and do a once over as I had gotten a chance to look at the place and it’s a very nice place with new appliances and countertops and semi-finished basement.

I’m still working and saving up but a relative is helping me out with this so that the move will be easier and the transition easier. I am of course grateful and also a bit obligated.

First order of business was changing locks and codes and touring on Thursday and early Friday. Did some sweeping and then worked on checking what we had in the shed and all the papers and also such. The previous owner had kept the place immaculate and clean and everything and documented everything except for how to change one of the codes and so we spent and hour trying to figure that out without contacting them till I found out where the panels and all that was etc. We moved over tables and chairs.

I got some time to myself and it was only Friday night and I was already tired!

Saturday morning I realized I needed to change one more lock etc and swap things out once more and then was able to relax. I spent the day just checking emails and my social media and catching up. I’ve been trying to stay away from being hunched in front of a terminal and that has greatly improved my pain in my lower neck and improve my posture. The sweeping and yardwork greatly helped.

I suspect when I move in I will be moving around more or in a better position to not be scrunched up all the time.

Sunday we spent the whole days trying to remove a few trees, tree branches and such that were too close to the house. My relative had a fear almost irrationally so of the tree causing damage to the house but trees serve a few good purpose:

  • Provide fresh air
  • Provide a natural habitat for animals
  • Provide natural shade
  • Stabilize the soil from erosion
  • Can provide food or medicine depending on the kind

Those are just some good things so I kind of wish that the trees could have been there, but since my relative was helping me out with financing I didn’t want to be too overly vocal. I tried though. You can only do so much with family though.

This evening I was a bit thirsty and took in more soups and such. The weather change has been hard to predict what to wear.

I’ve also been trying to eat healthier and cut out excessive sweets and spices. Although I think I had something that had some kind of spice that aggravated my skin the other day.

Anyways. The hardest part of tree removal is just where to move the limbs, stumps and the wood. In some cases you might consider grinding stumps or other methods to destroy them and the roots from growing back. And then there is the worry about the tree crashing down on a house. The branches did come close to one of the houses. Again. I don’t think it would have been a problem, but sometimes when someone takes an action things happen. And it might have been okay to have just left things alone. I didn’t see any major dents or scrapes or anything though.
Hopefully in a few days all this cleaning will be okay and done.

Hoping to at least get the carpets steamed and shampooed.

Might need to check the HVAC’s and heaters also and get everything services to prevent any unknown cracks and CO2.

I took some pictures to save for later. I wish I could keep this house pristine and clean forever. It was well maintained and the previous owners did a really good job. It’s a lot of house and yard.

Anyways, I’m a bit more refreshed and think I will be able to make it okay through the week. Laundry is done and looking forward for payday soon.
I can’t wait for my next long weekend. It’s good to take a mental break from everything now and then.


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