Before a storm


Friday, October 11, 2019

Before a storm or power outage (Prepping)

Throw a thermometer in the fridge to monitor fridge temperatures. Keep track of time. After power is restored you can see how long power was out and if the fridge temperatures got too warm.

Keep the coolers closed to insulate the food until power comes on.

Disconnect appliances to prevent electrical surges when stuff starts powering back on.

Find some place that may have electricity in the mean time and check on neighbors.

Have medical supplies, non-perishable foods and batteries on hand and flashlights.
Also make sure your medicines don’t spoil if the termperature changes.

Make sure you have carbon monoxide detector backups to prevent build up of poisionous gas when fans stop circulating during the outage.

Have extra backups, full gas tanks and charged electronics before the storm hits.

Stay awy from inclement weather and stay inside where it is safe. In the olden times when it got dark or cold people would bundle up and sleep past the storm.

Consider having a generator but make sure to keep them outside and away from windows.

Also have emergency radios and communication equipment. Be aware of your yearly risks and storms in your area and prepare accordingly.

Start preparing for winter also early with caulk, insulation, weather strips and checking pipe temperatures.

Consider also having supplies for pets and animals.

Get emergency equipment supply kits for you car also such as jumpers, clothes, blankets, water, snacks etc to account for dietary and medical needs and religious considerations or disabilities, and a tank to get gas.

You may be stressed during an emergency so don’t overexert yourself.

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