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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Twitter now allows 2FA with authentication app and security key

  • Ever since @jack had the Twitter phishing attack people have been clamoring for tighter security. Everyone and their grandmother knows that giving up a phone number causes no good… It starts a little trouble in your neighborhood… @jack got into one little fight on social media and the followers got scared and said “You’re turning on 2FA or beware!”

Volunteering for charities and soup kitchens instead of shopping on Black Friday

  • We don’t need to be buying and shopping after the turkey except to get moving and get out of the house. But it might be helpful to remember those in need and help out by sponsoring a foreign exchange student or a family in need this year.

U.S. signs bills to support demonstrators overseas

  • Demonstrators in Asia are elated that the United States is taking up legislation to support calls for freedom out of respect for the people and human rights. But not everyone is happy.

Cybertruck unveiling almost leaves Elon speechless

  • After two black eyes by a metal ball to the supposedly unshatterable windows of a Tesla’s new steel truck that attempts to give rival Ford a run for its money, Elon Musk swallows hard and can’t stop staring at his truck before slowly proceeding with his speech. Perhaps it’s time to go back to the drawing board for this Ironman version of the Batmobile.

Sophia robot is trying to learn to draw

  • The ultra smart AI powered robot Sophia is back again with dextrous hands and manages to create drawings that shock and amaze.

Crypto is trying to recover while stocks are soaring to new highs

  • After falling to around $6.8k for King Crypto, the daddy of digital currency is hovering above 7K

Tunnels and net security

  • The benefits and dangers of network tunneling explained

Some more inspiring millenials and how they achieved their wealth

  • From Youtubers to bloggers to online sellers and FBA, we talk about a few of the most successful online business people

Why you shouldn’t blame the wealthy for having money

  • Mindset, habits, and wealth. The power of reinforcement

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Down for the holidays.


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