Season of Giving

Season of Giving
Sunday, December 8, 2019

Spent 3 days recuperating from work. It’s so nice to be able to take a few days to do research on new technologies and free softwares. The good thing about free is that you don’t have to pay any money to tinker and toy for a few hours on hardware and software configurations. But the bad thing is that sometimes free can open you up to bad code, spyware and also dead end programs that don’t do anything or just end up frustrating you even more.

This weekend I thought about how fast this year is going. The weather seems unseasonable warm in our area. It’s in the 50’s temperaturewise. Usually I’m bundled up in a blanket and I’ve been sweating all weekend instead wearing a sweater and blanket and wondering what’s wrong here.

Stocks have been performing quite good near the last few weeks and reaching record highs again. If you ever seen stocks plunge then consider putting a little bit in. Most people have their life savings invested in 401k’s and it’s almost next to impossible for your whol 401k to go to zero unless everyone’s balances also tank.

At work, I saw a guy that came in that seemed like he was in a hard way. He had been wearing the same winter clothes for several months and came in to ask for some advice and paperwork. At the end of the session he wanted to thank me for helping him and I was hesitant to reach out back to shake. But it made me remember that not everyone is in the same position as you. And someone who has either lived a life of plenty or grown up with family and friends and opportunity should always be grateful and thankful for the life they are given because there’s usually just a thread that separates people that are doing well and those that have ended up in a bad way.

Watching the news also I saw some people that have birth issues or genetic issues. Some people born with disabilities, or conjoined, or a lifetime of illnesses.

It’s important that this holiday when you’re at home celebrating the year coming to a close that you remember how lucky and all the great opportunities that you’ve had.

I thought I would list a few of the things here because often we forget all the little things that happen in our life and are often sad or depressed or stressed from the holidays and forget the good things. People after all miss family or want better things in their life or have seasonal depression.

So here are some things to remember to be happy for:

  • You have loving friends and family who help you and provide for you.
  • You have a home to come back to at night.
  • You’re sheltered from the cold and winter elements and snow and heat in the summer.
  • You don’t have any major illnesses.
  • Your house is clean, no pests, and a quiet safe place to be.
  • You can count on someone to talk to and cheer you up. Or maybe text someone or chat with them.
  • You have food on the table, in the fridge or counter.
  • You can fall asleep at night.
  • You have freedom to come and go as you please and have no one you really have to report to or answer to.
  • You don’t have to toil in hard labor.
  • Perhaps you have a pet who loves you or cares about you.
  • You’ve gotten to spend some time with a loved one even for a few months and experience love and affection and friendship and happiness.
  • You have music that you can listen to that entertains you.
  • You have a computer or TV or book or other medium that enlightens your mind and tickles your fancy.

There are many more obviously and you have to find what you are “blessed” for. Not everyone has the same reasons to be happy but they know what it is that makes their day.

Once you’ve identified and counted your blessings make it a point everyday just to remind yourself that you’re lucky and happy and content and that things could be better, but things could have been worse and that you’re lucky that you weren’t born in a worse way or worse family or situation etc.

This year I’ve met a lot of people and reconnected with a few, made some pease and also sent some gratitude to others. It’s always up to someone else to look deep into their own person to open themselves up. Some people close off to keep from hurting, and some understand that things are only temporary and that if you always hold off and close off opportunities you won’t ever experience your full potential.

I’ll be going to a holiday dinner with most of my family in a few hours and we’re bringing some canned foods to give also (although one of our family members is sick and won’t be able to attend… a speedy recovery to you). Not everyone has a family or is financially well off or maybe they just recently had family and marital issues or adoption issues. And some people struggle to pay bills.

Around this time of year you see them talk about Secret Santas and people giving away to help others. It’s even more important to volunteer time or just show people and give people this time of year when often people aren’t sure. Most people out there actually have so much potential but they don’t realize it because of bad belief systems or ingrained thought patterns that make them feel bad or ashamed or feel guilty about things they shouldn’t feel back about.

If you can, give, donate, volunteer, and also give presents or gifts. Not to make yourself or others feel obligated or feel like you’re better. But just to give people cheer and hope. When we are young kids we believed that the universe was going to work out alright, and honestly, it can be. We just have to believe in the good and the magic of supporting others.


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