End of year 12252019

Quick end of year notes 12252019
Wednesday, December 25, 2019

So the end of year is pretty much here. Most people have taken a few extra days off away from work or have a few extra hours. Many people are likely partying or winding down the books for the year. It is a moment where we pause to think about anticipation for the new year but not yet wanting the year to end. If you are celebrating because of whatever faith or belief you have we want to wish you and your family a warm and welcome happy holiday season. If you’ve been viewing our site we have been slowing down lately doing extra research for some of the more interesting topics out there.

Topic focus 1: Genetic information will be used more often in industries.
One recent article that we found interesting referenced something called Genetic Information Nondiscrimination which was implemented way back in 2008 and was codified into law protecting American citizens to prevent against discrimination based on genetic information with regard to getting health insurance and employment. This is important as people have tried to have advantages over others at the cost of disadvantage to others and so it gives people a better chance and opportunity for the same access and products and services, education, and job opportunities they might otherwise not be able to.

Topic focus 2: Medical costs are soaring.
Another article covered the fact that health care costs are rising. Most able bodied people go through day to day making money and trying to make rent but don’t realize that the costs of a medical emergency can wreak havoc on a person’s finance, well-being, and also road to outlook for a stable retirement. Recent average costs for a single day in a hospital can be upwards of $4000 in 2019. If you do a search online you will see that a major cause for bankruptcy is caused by medical debt. Unfortunately even with some health care changes recently to help control and make health care affordable for everyone, it’s too often regular people are saddled with medical bills and other costs they simply cannot pay. Often they have to struggle between putting food on the table and taking / fulfilling their prescriptions.

Topic focus 3: Don’t forget to reduce stress levels.
In an article or blog post entitled “Why One Neuroscientist Started Blasting His Core” by GetPocket, we came across a line “Elite tennis players have an uncanny ability to clear their heads after making errors. They constantly move on and start fresh for the next point.” And that is a good way for more people to think. That as we close the year and pave way for a new year, it’s a good idea to do as the Idina Mendez song lyrics and “Let it Go” and just basically not dwell on things in the past that have caused us grief or worries and just learn from mistakes or experiences and just continue on and truck on. An episode from Inside Edition suggested that the holidays are high points for heart attacks to happen and includes Mondays and the days right before major holidays. This can be caused by perceived mental and social expectations or obligations. Don’t forget to take some time for yourself. We rush to buy presents and bake big turkeys or hams or make a fine meal and make our family and friends happy and then have to go to work less than a few hours again. So check yourself before you wreck yourself and give yourself a “champagne break” or a chill session and don’t forget it’s okay to take a nap in the middle of the day if you can sneak away or pause from calling all your friends and wishing them merry and season’s greetings. (Do millenials still call and talk on voice after all or can they pause for 24 hours and not feel the need to Instagram and Snap their meals and post or use their phones?) We doubted it ourselves as even we had to grab our cells and check some posts during a slow part of the day. But hey, it gives us some normalcy out of a hectic day off after all. And we still had fun and got to spend time with family.

Lastly don’t over eat this time of year and don’t forget to thank those that have prepared your meal or helped you grow or get ahead in your career or life. This has truly been a turbulent and changing year. A lot of events have happened and at the end of the year many things have occurred.

If you get a chance, start looking to next year’s finances and 401k contributions and budgeting for IRA’s and HSA’s, etc.

Also don’t forget to give back to the community. It is a season of giving and friendships and community. We looked through some Wikipedia statements and learned the origins of the meanings of “-chan” and “-kun” as honorifics or “channels”. And also stumbled across some words from one of the founders of social media, the big blue F, said that their media platform was never really meant to be big or cool. And it wasn’t really to take away from real world interactions. With privacy become a concern people have disconnected from their electronics and it’s good to use alternate media, but never forget to connect in person with your friends, your family, your neighbors. Take that extra picture your mom or niece or aunt etc wants you to take even if it’s a bit embarrassing for a slight bit. Cause you don’t know when your family will be around. But on a separate note, don’t force awkward situational photos. Sometimes people put their kids on Santa’s lap or force their pets to wear weird hats and what not for our own amusement at the cost of the pets being unhappy or the kid crying and bawling their eyes out. Why? Why are we so neglectful of another’s right to be happy and so we do it just to entertain and make someone else miserable? Always consider why we are doing things even if it means changing tradition. (This commentary is taken from a Yahoo article entitled “Why I Never Let My Daughter Sit on Santa’s Lap As a Child” by Estelle Erasmus). Millennials will gradually start to learn and adapt new traditions for their kids and have the power to start new movements. Less sugary candy (Halloween) and commercialism (aka Valentine’s Day and Sweetest Day aka what-the-heck-is-that-never-heard-of-it) and will start to value more equality and playtime and connection and experiences for instance.

Don’t forget to connect with your fellow man, or woman, or pet. Get out and play with them, talk with them, spend some time learning about them because we all get older and the magic and bright eyed innocence of Christmas fades with time and one day we don’t have them with us because they will have passed on or moved away or gotten older. Seize the day and enjoy the connections while they are there, not just the pictures for remembrance. It seems it was a country singer that once said that they often thought it was odd that family and friends would get together to celebrate a person after their relative died, but didn’t think to do the same while the person was still alive.

May you and your loved ones and friends in the here and now, and the ones that are not, be in good thoughts and spirits and health this holiday season.


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