No entry log 01052020

No entry log for today
Sunday, January 5, 2020
No log entry for today. Spent the weekend sifting through some programs and trying to get them to work, updating to new versions. Got new equipment to test out alternate operating systems. Have been wanting to have a dedicated alternate operating system and also a backup machine for some time. The other computer I have is way too expensive and so I have this throwaway machine so to speak to test and run different apps and scenarios.

I likely will not ever get a newer laptop or machine in the future but will rely on open boxed and refurbished or second hand as computers now are of adequate speeds and standardization to be able to do most things now.

Didn’t get a chance to try the Snow on the Banks event they have. Maybe another time.

As I get older I notice the desire to just read and contemplate and have time to myself.

I have been on a cleaning kick lately and noticed that the CLR and Lime-Away stuff is pretty good also and seems to work a bit better than The Works in certain cases. As always, it’s important not to mix chemicals.

I’ve also discovered that it’s important to have a shower sandal that only gets used in the shower and no place else to keep your shower as clean as possible and so mold and mildew spores don’t spread as easily. I’ve been experimenting with various cleaners from baking soda, white vinegar, peroxide, and bleach but of course not all at the same time. It’s extremely dangerous to mix bathroom chemicals. I’ve also been trying salt to try to change the pH levels.

I’ve discovered also that witch hazel solution is pretty effective as a cleaning agent. It’s an astringent that helps in the cases of inflamed or reddened skin. And I found a brand at the local Wally World that has a percentage in alcohol and acts as a astringent, disinfectant, and also helps lessen skin irritation.

Also found that moving to a new place and transferring items and silverware and plates is part of the fun of moving. As you get older you “get off” from finding deals at places like Wayfair or finding hot deals or bedroom and living room furniture. May look for Superbowl deals also for electronic gadgets.

Need to get out and mobile. Too much time sitting.

That’s all for this week.


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