Feeling sick

Sunday, February, 2, 2020
Hello again. This has been an extra long week. Ever notice that when you take a few days off from work one week that the next week seems extra long. That’s what happened and I have been staying up late and working on small personal projects. This site has not gone away but I thought I would update my readers.
Last week I had been going full steam and staying up to midnight and then having to wake up at 6am for my day job. I had been feeling extra tired and been supplementing with coffee. Well it finally all caught up to me last night and today and I’ve done absolutely nothing today other than drink water and chicken soup, crackers, and have an apple. I had thought it would be a good idea Friday night to change my routine and get fast food tacos but it was a bad idea and some soda. I also hadn’t worn a coat and also had accidentally poked myself in my finger when doing sewing up of some PJ’s for a relative. I think all that and accumulation of various foods and vitamins and my body needed a detox.
I was having body fatigue, slight chills and this morning a headache and cracking neck again and not much of a cough. It could have been worse. And I debated taking headache medicine but decided to tough it out and dress warmly, drink liquids and get under blankets and some light stretching and no electronics for most of the day.
When you get sick you look for help and it puts things in perspective. All this business stuff and computers and all that really doesn’t matter because health and family and relationships are the most important thing in the world. I texted a few people just to see how they were and was happy to see I wasn’t alone. I haven’t always been the best partner in business or other relationships. I’ve taken people to events and dinners and maybe they were expecting more or had dreams of a great future. And I tend to have failed and have tunnel vision.
I’ve not pulled the trigger on moving over to my new place yet. I was thinking it would be a nice place to gradually step in. But there’s so much responsibility to home ownership: mowing grass, roofing, siding, cleaning. I don’t know if I’ll get there. I’ve gotten some small furnishings and was going to get a television set for the Super Bowl weekend but decided to save up for another week. The TV’s will always be there and I don’t watch TV anyway much. TV and programs don’t matter much if you’re sick.
Another thing is I bought a lot of food and put it over there in storage and tend to buy too much. I don’t know but there’s no way I think I could ever eat all the food I have over there. I tend to spend without considering or thinking things all the way through. I have a jar of salty jam that I probably will never go through by myself.

All I know is that it’s no good to be sick. With the fears of viruses overseas I was thinking it’s ironic to be sick. But it’s not so much a cold, but maybe a low grade flu or something wrong with the food. Food poisoning?

It’s not fun not being able to do much but I did catch up on rest and my body heated up enough to start working off the virus or toxins this afternoon. My headache is mostly gone tonight.

To the people I worked with and dated I wish I had been more attentive and a bit better. Life is short and Sunday night before the work week makes you really think about what direction you’re going in your life. I hope I get to reconnect and talk to my friends I haven’t seen and talked with in a while when I get better.

Be well folks.


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I'm just your average working employee working 8 to 5 making my daily wages. I commute to work, I run the rat race and I live for my days for my next pay check. I have goals. I have dreams. And I have things I wanna do. And sometimes just can't seem to get ahead no matter how many hours I work. Sometimes I just keep my head low and do what the boss says and other times I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Comments always welcome.

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