Weekly Update 02122020

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Been out of commission for a while. The flu / allergy really kicked my keister this time. However I tried to tough it out with no meds this time. And it actually put my life into perspective and also made me realize that sometimes I can get by with my own motivation and energy and without the crutch of headache medicine, though I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone. One night my head was just pounding a small bit and it wasn’t enough to be bad, but just enough to keep me awake slightly and be annoying. The hardest thing about the time between spring and winter is that the weather is so haphazard that you don’t know how exactly to dress or what clothes to wear when sleeping. And I highly suspect that a few days I wasn’t having a cold but just overheating from the sweater and blankets in trying to prevent a cold, that it actually ended up causing my body to be out of whack.

Well I am glad to say after at least 3 pints of apple juice, a quart of orange juice, lots of vegetable juice and chicken broth and lots of salad, fruits and vegetables my body is clearer than it’s been before and probably healthier. I haven’t touched a cup of coffee for two weeks almost and have been eating healthy stuff like avocadoes, tomatoes, kale, and lots of grapes, oranges, apples and even recently got some white button mushrooms to help clean out my system and add bulk and fiber.

I am quite pleased with my eating lately in terms of energy. I don’t really need a lot of carbs, but I have been taking so much juice lately that I’ve been really full.

My site has not been up to date lately because of my seasonal cold, but I assure you I’m around. For the millennials and Gen Z’ers now is the best time in the economy lately. If you’ve been following us you will note that metals, crypto and stocks are where it’s at. If you can manage also to pop a side gig or biz or add some stability and YouTube or blog or other type income you will be better set at retirement. Right now a lot of people are still not aware of the crypto and gig economy or have been asleep and thank goodness for the Internet and social media and the news even we are starting to wake up. No more commercialism and fake news. We see that there’s manipulation of content and aware that what is pushed as daily info isn’t really all what you should be focusing on in life. As a motivational speaker once said, they saw shootings, fires, emergencies, bad weather and filled their minds with all the mishaps of the unfortunate news and no wonder they were stressed and depressed by the end of the day. No folks, instead you need to focus on positive news. Right now financials are what you need to look at. In fact we came across a meme that says “so many people are becoming ridiculously rich, except you”. Why aren’t you becoming rich and taking advantage of the economy right now?

We will be regrouping our site and adding a few new things soon. Watch for it.

Also I’ve been saving up for some personal expenses and moving so I can’t wait for spring to meet my goals. Hoping for a healthy successful season ahead.


Author: workingstiff

I'm just your average working employee working 8 to 5 making my daily wages. I commute to work, I run the rat race and I live for my days for my next pay check. I have goals. I have dreams. And I have things I wanna do. And sometimes just can't seem to get ahead no matter how many hours I work. Sometimes I just keep my head low and do what the boss says and other times I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Comments always welcome.

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