Week summary 02262020

Communication is the way to avoid simple misunderstandings
Sunday, February 23, 2020
This is a quick condensed post of the last few days.
Sometimes you have to reach out and communicate with someone and not jump automatically to the worse conclusions. This week for example I was in the process of my steady move to my new place but found a vehicle sitting in my new driveway. On impulse I checked to see if anyone had gone in my place and also thought about calling up someone to get them towed but checked with another close neighbor and they said it hadn’t been the first time (much to my chagrin) just the first time I had noticed someone at that time of day. A few others had used the space randomly over several weeks just for a few minutes. And at first I thought territorially and also wanted to put up signs or blockades. But after a few days of sleep realized that it was just there wasn’t really a lot of side street to park on our road. We had needed to get a delivery that weekend, I was expecting some furniture delivery and they had needed their plumbing fixed and it just happened that everything aligned in the universe and I noticed it for the first time. Of course I started parking at my new place more regularly as it shows there was actually someone living there. And my good neighbor came and just explained that the small little driveway blocks put up were just to discourage parking because I didn’t want to fret or come home worried about who was in my driveway. We straightened things out and I can be more at ease that my house is my home. In short, if you have someone that’s mad or disgruntled try to work out a solution and understand that talking things out can avoid things blowing out of proportion and tension and broken relationships.

Stay the course – Invest for your future
Tuesday, February 25, 2020
The last two days have seen monumental plunges in the stock market. We have seen nose dives in hundreds of points in increments close to a thousand and it’s relatively inexplicable although the coronavirus is being blamed. But is that really the culprit? Possibly if many factories and businesses don’t want to do regular business overseas for fear of contracting illness. But perhaps people are just trying to take some profits as the market has been on a hot tear for quite a few months.

More financial issues
Wednesday, February 26, 2020
Again stocks have dropped by around at least a hundred points for the Dow. Many people seem to be spooked with how an illness may cause various businesses to stop doing business overseas. Is this a thing to make various countries look bad or a scare that is biased toward one country and their trade and currency? After all trade warfare is also psychological and political warfare and economic or financial. Stocks have been falling like rocks, bonds have not been giving much in the way of yields and such. Metals have been doing not too bad especially one metal. And crypto has been falling again. There’s a lot of financial noise right now. Keep saving. Start looking into secondary income streams.

Been busy. More info soon.

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