Weekly musings 03092020

Weekly musings 03092020
Monday, March 9, 2020
This week is crunch time for taxes. Most of the filings are done now. Waiting on a refund. You know you have to do it and sometimes you just have to just submit it just to get it done. Looked at it at least 20 times before hitting the submit button.
Took some time from work to get some me time. It’s a good time to do that periodically. It was a great 60 degrees out today. Spring is almost here.
Am in the process of moving and some yellow and purple flowers are already blooming.
Found some great programs for FOSS / Linux usage. With Windows 7 becoming no longer supported there are people that still use previous versions for many different things.

I’m doing some research on:

  • Librem
  • PureOS Purism
  • Pine Phone
  • One Plus

See also:

For security also see:
Librem Key
Nitro Key

Perhaps I will get those when I have cash. But L-O-L on when we will get more cash. With the stock market tanking about 9% or nearly 2000 points plus today it will be some time before I’ll make buck for a while. But I still went out and bought me some delicious snacks and some juice. Need the creature comforts and to keep living even when the stuff hits the fan.

Last night I was checking out Fedilab and Toots. These are excellent information gathering and resources just for pure reading. Add configuring some VPN’s and other network settings and you have nonstop entertainment.

Elon Musk says that there’s too much fuss over the viral transmission and many agree. It does affect the vulnerable and elderly. But it shouldn’t really be causing undue worry (the p word) in the markets. Although perhaps things were valued quite high in the last few months. Yes corrections do happen. And many people are telling you to stay the course. Although there’s a desire to buy in with everything starting to become less expensive and taking advantage of the price drops to get more shares. Even the millennials see a buying opportunity to pick up more shares. And various companies, financial advisors, or CEO’s of financial institutions are touting to stay the course whether for real or to boost their own confidence.

If you look at the futures markets they often can tell you what’s about to happen and also copper and oil markets.

Been looking into Libreboot and Trisquel also briefly. Am hoping for another laptop one day like usual.

Found out how useful Termux is on your phone. You can run programs like mpv for music or vifm for managing files using vi text-like keys. You can also use a links or lynx like interface for searching up keywords and checking weather with less screen and battery usage.

Precious metals have been pretty stable although palladium had gone all the way up to around 2.7k and now back to about 2.5k. Silver is hovering around 17 now. It had been between 16 and 18 the last few years. Gold has gone up to 1.6k and had been around 1.3k a few years back. The King of crypto has dropped back to around 7.8k or so.

Next few days will be checking out purchasing maybe a musical instrument to learn and maybe use to one day have a marketable profitable skill. It will be healthier than sitting in front of the boobtube all day long.

Also looking into camping equipment. One has to keep living and enjoying life even in these turbulent times.

Eat well, and sleep well and stay healthy.

(Also found an interesting article on CNBC about how people in Asian countries may be able to now be identified using facial recognition technology even with facial masks on. Very interesting. Be careful out there.)


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