Reader Feedback returns 05152020

Reader Feedback / Feedbag returns 05152020

Hi, I just thought I’d do a quick Reader Feedback post.
I get occasional mail from my readers and this one was just posted to my mailbox 3 days ago. Normally I get some spam also and other things filter through but this one seemed like someone actually trying to help out. It involved how to make my office and workspace healthier and also to balance work and life. I will review your links and check them out. Right now I would love to get some guest writers and help to my team. It is not easy to find good help though and so I have to be very selective about who helps out. Not everyone is on the same wavelength – getting some of my friends to help out didn’t work! To ensure success I would have to have a lengthy discussion with people and hopefully also they would be local.

A site like this is not easy to develop and takes time and research and getting additional people to help cut down the time writing and researching would be useful. We do need site optimizations and other help as well.

Thanks for reaching out.

This pandemic does have everyone staying at home and working from home and more people dealing with kids so I saw the various links you gave me. We all also don’t have the same hours we used to have and more time that’s unstructured. Being healthy and maintaining a site is even harder since I can’t go out and like I used to or want to. Makes it hard to take travel pictures for my Travel pages and I sometimes have a hard time figuring where to start organizing some of my old content.

Just as a side note, it’s been more time fixing up the yard and catching up on much needed sleep. Health first! But it sure has made me feel more anxious about using the time to spruce up this site. I hope more readers like you reach out because we need more people to spread good information to help people’s lives.

Be safe and talk soon.



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