More censorship, Covid-19, and dust clouds

More censorship, Covid-19, and dust clouds.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

This is the Sunday quick round up about what’s going on in the world. If you don’t have time to look at the news or spend 30 minutes we’re sum it up for you.

  • Some companies are rebelling about opening with added restrictions. Face masks or not it’s added cost and some have reviewed with their legal team whether to challenge mandating masks is really what they want or not.
  • Some bars are slowing down reopening, not enough social distancing can be had in confined areas. Alcohol, dancing and social distancing doesn’t seem to be mixing well.
  • Quick soundbite by Dr. Fauci on CNN:
    “There is a general anti-science, anti-authority, anti-vaccine feeling among some people in this country‚Ķ”

What this means is that some people won’t take the vaccination no matter what. It’s their freedom to get sick or not.

  • Contact tracing is not widespread enough. That’s using apps and keeping track of people who have the disease. Think to a zombie apocalypse, some might have symptoms manifest and some not yet, but if people can’t see the invisible danger it’s gonna spread. Just think what could happen if the disease was even worse or a real zombie apocalypse and people panicked.
  • Speaking of crazy time, we have in the news the Sahara dust cloud which is very dense that happens to be extra dense this year and it also happens to be in the year of the pandemic and everyone’s wearing a mask. It is described as causing nose, eye, and throat irritation. And it is recommended a person should limit time outdoors and wear a face mask. How convenient.

In other news, more companies like Starbucks are starting to withdraw advertising or delay or postpone further engagement with FB over concerns on speech regulation on the platform which foments discord.

  • Lastly a particularly poignant piece of news caught our eye:
    Egyptian news as reported on Yahoo says an Egyptian belly dancer was imprisoned for violating the conservative norms with pictures that were suggestive. She has a large social media following.

Other female instagrammers and TikTokers may end up in the same boat. And the court also stated that she be under surveillance for several years.

Unfortunately many of these are ladies that have brought to light social injustice. Or have had their rights possibly violated. She stated perhaps info was taken from her phone without her consent.

It is unfortunate as well that many countries are using the internet as a way to perform further surveillance and censorship. Times are changing to increase social engagement but many countries have varying degrees of what is permissible as a socially acceptable act.

And that’s your weekly summary.

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