Erosion of societal norms, freedoms


Saturday, July 18, 2020

2020 has been a year of many firsts. We’ve had a pandemic and shuttering of the country and many businesses and mandates going into place and also many businesses going under. We have the gov printing money again and we have a lot of news and protests that we never thought could happen or be in a situation like again as well as big political trials.

Privacy is at the forefront and also massive hacks and discussions about censorship and social media.

We also have to ask difficult questions about what is important in society. We have to confront head on and tackle many uncomfortable subjects. Confront! – Many topics that have our children asking us in innocent moments what it means and why life is the way it is. There are tensions, skyrocketing unemployment and economic rollercoasters affecting our financial future and fundamental ideas about our retirement and providing for family, loved ones and kids. And then we thought that things that were over and settled in disparities in the ’60’s were over with and done but they never really went away and are just as glaring as ever and even more so in the limelight.

We’re having a big discussion on ethics and across many protests and movements. Wall Street, Main Street, HK, Y-vests. It’s all there.

And now we also have questions about what’s happening down in the trenches and streets. According to which is Oregon’s public broadcasting news network. There’s questions about how protestors are being handled with warrantless holds in “unofficial” vehicles. This has come under scrutiny. You can see the original article on the site. This has caused the ACLU and senators to question what’s happening about some questionable actions about protests. It’s a very difficult situation.

There are also questions about the handling of peaceful protestors and people legaling reporting as journalists the situation on the ground. People have a right to know what’s being done and what’s happening in their cities and how it’s being handled.

They don’t want censorship and fear that agencies are preventing legal protests and intimidating people’s rights to do so.

As you read and watch the news think with an open critical eye and keep a mind on what you’re viewing and why and if it’s being filtered in some way or some how.

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