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Monday, January 11, 2021

The name of the game in the news is “distractions”. Some headlines today included:

  • Cop appears to distract a crowd racing up stairs trying to breach Capitol building.
  • An anonymous postcard delivered to FireEye company brings question regarding who it’s from and distracts possibly from from cyberattackers or serves to troll.
  • Parler app hits back at Amazon with claims of antitrust after AWS server services are denied to the social platform app to distract from for potentially politically motivated actions.
  • Stripe and PGA golf added to list of services denied to a controversial official and political leader.

In today’s news be alert to the slight of hand factor. Some actions may not be what they seem initially. This slight of hand is key to misdirection and in some cases a good disappearing act. Now you see it, now you don’t. Now you have service, now you don’t. You had a platform, now you’re deplatformed.

Other odd news:

Also several states not happy with their governor’s handling of the virus spreading through America and are tring to limit theire powers to impose restrictions.

BTC pulls back around 20% in the past few days as gains disappear. Still nowhere as bad as in the year 2018.

Many told to view inauguration virtually this year.

Bluetooth enabled masks for phone calls seen at CES. Hello Batman Beyond.

Gold mine explosion in China trapping workers.

People ending up on banned, blackballed, suspended, no-fly service lists for simply being associated with a particular political view. Social crediting scoring at its finest! What else is new?

FB changes data policy sharing with its previously popular encrypted messaging apps. What’s that app called now? … Elon name drops an alternative. The only issue is these apps are still tied to a phone number. Tech engineers, and programmers need to get on the free open source bandwagon and develop encrypted decentralized messaging apps that are numberless or have a anonymizing key for better privacy. There are probably a few FOSS alternatives already.

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