Week update 04-04-2021

Sunday, April 4, 2021

No major news updates this week. To those that celebrate, Happy Easter.

Just a few quick thoughts. Some people are already starting to work on their lawn this year. It sure greened up fast this year. Been looking at new garden products and seeds. Had some extra flower bulbs this year and gave some away. We’re trying to plant new flowers and crops like squash in the garden this year.

Had to paint the deck this year and got a gallon of deck paint. It’s amazing that paint companies now have amazing color matching technology to get really close to matching your ideal color.

Splurged also on some weed and lawn / turf products, but then found a cheaper product elsewhere. It pays to do online shopping and spend time looking at your receipt. The store label was wrong and didn’t notice it till late in the evening. Guess will have to go back to the store. Sometimes stores have different prices and availability. With Covid, you can sometimes track inventory of certain products real time. (Some people with programming skills that wanted the vaccine real bad for instance made a script that legally refreshed and got real time statuses on vaccines in their locality. That’s another win for programmers and future computer nerds.)

Hopefully the deals will come. Last year some of the lawn and garden sales became available around late into August and September. Can’t wait to check what they have this year. Always check seasonal items and shop around.

That’s it for this week.

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