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Monday, April 19, 2021
Quick update. Not a lot has been happening that’s new. Maybe a helicopter take off and landing on Mars. Some weather and climate possibly earthquake happenings around the world, but for the most part the news has been pretty quiet. Maybe some news on Doge and Tesla.

There’s a lot of narratives going on in the news, but basically don’t let media portrayals limit your own personal beliefs. There are a lot of things that you are capable of and the division being portrayed in the media may or may not exist as much as we think or lead to believe.

Don’t burn bridges if you can. Lot of people try to meet and experience new things. With Covid and coronavirus people are thinking up excuses to not go out and meet people any more. This is unconsciously or subconsciously allowing people to sink into fear and fear of meeting people, taking a chance and asking people out or even simply making friends. Don’t let coronavirus and fear of people stop you from living your life and at least making friends and meeting people. Don’t be stuck behind a computer Zooming all your life.

This week’s interesting computer site for computer geeks:
Check out PCJS dot org. They have a throw back to old style computer programs based in DOS. A lot of people grew up on DOS and similar programs. Remembering earlier nostalgic days, much of computing was text based or using computers with maybe 4-16 colors and speaker beeps for sound and music. I think a lot of people have gotten jaded to computers as they are and sometimes it’s good to see the progress we humans have made. Go check out old computers, technology. Be inspired. Even looking at some of Craigslist’s collectibles brings back some nostalgia. That’s the thing about NFT collectibles. Someone out there will pay a price for something so it’s always valuable somewhere. Even scrap metal recycling… someone needs programs and things out in the world.

If you look at progress that’s been made with the Mars rover and the throw-back homage to the early days of winged flight, they included a piece of fabric from the original Wright Brother’s flyer. “We’ve come a long way baby.”


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