Olympics & Covid resurgence


The days are getting shorter, back to school displays are coming out and the kids are getting ready to go back to school.

For two weeks the world watched in awe, mesmerized by Olympic athletes. From gymnasts to volleyball to fencing to shotput and all the many sports that they displayed, it truly was inspirational. (It would have been wonderful to showcase more of the many varieties of sports instead of just the most popular sports, or the ones that a certain country won medals in. )
Mental health talks fueled the discussion as well as equality in sports including the upcoming paralympics. The body can do amazing things when pushed hard and to the limit, especially overcoming and surpassing previous known limits when goaded by the mind. However even with superhuman limits being tested the mind and body can balk and knot up and get the twisties when the body stress level limits are reached.

During the Olympics we discovered new Toyota futuristic looking cars with features that one day may even use AI to guage emotions and use it to help release stress, read dangerous situations and perhaps even take over driving when needed. Think of it as sort of similar to KITT from Knight Rider without the bombastic powers. A lot of fascinating advances in technology even when on display at CES 2021.

The future of technology is continually changing.

  • Apple is using phone to scan for child exploitation. But this may be the wrong thing to do says some experts as it may lead to a software backdoor which can be exploited by nation states. And their algorithm is also highly subjective. Who’s to say what’s explicit or to be screened out. According to their algorithm there’s a 30 item threshold or so to filter out false positives before reporting.
  • Law enforcement is seeking to get tips on cybercrime through “anonymous” dark web tips. They are offering crypto rewards in exchange for tips on crime that would otherwise go undetected.
  • A T-mobile hack happened today 8/18/2021 that breached several accounts.
  • Vaccine passports are coming and to many it has arrived. Basically we’re creating “marks” to determine who has gotten the vaccine or not and requiring proof in public places such as restaurants, movie venues, etc. Are the governors that are staunch anti-mask policies secret trying to get people to resort to vaccines?

More news to come.


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