November 2021 headlines

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Digital currency again
Crypto on the rise again. So what else is new? Seems like all the digital coins are out in full force in the news. There are numerous dips and rises to take advantage of. People want to ban it, and people want a cut of it and tax it and dog meme coins keep showing up on the headlines. Cryptoliteracy is so very important as we enter the new digital currency age. Make sure to research as this has been compared to the boom of stocks at the turn of the millenium. NFT’s are everywhere. You can’t throw a stone without seeing NFT’s being ballyhooed by movie directors, promoted with purchases of movie tickets, and given away free during Thanksgiving parades. Even cloud based service accounts are being targeted and attacked for mining. People still aren’t all in crypto because people fear a few bad apples can spoil the batch meaning big corp controlling the blockchain could cause money to be controlled somehow.

Speaking of old tech…
Ever since the recent social media scandals and whistleblowing a lot of younger teens are moving away from certain social media platforms to other ones emphasizing more videos and pictures. FB is considered an “old folks technology” according to them and a lot of this is because the timeline used just keeps jumping around and has no rhyme or reason or chronogical logic except to get you to keep engaging on the platform. On the other hand, the face recognition technology they are using is gradually being phased out as people worry about privacy and abuses. People realize sometimes the old way of doing things is better. Metaverse is just a distraction.

Jobs jobs and more jobs
The Great Resignation is upon us as many people are leaving jobs to get better pay and enjoying the digital revolution and working from home. It’s no surprise that people are getting tired of working low paying jobs when they are waking up and seeing more wisdom and education from the time spent in front of the computer and engaging with friends. The phone and internet and computers being so addictive that people are taking better advantage of tech to help their lives and find better opportunities. The pandemic has also helped people realize there’s more to life and with so many jobs available during this new economy restructuring, people are in the best time to jump jobs or negotiate for higher pay.

Apple and the right to repair.
Apple in a slight turn about is starting to allow people to pay for certain options to self-repair their own phone. It’s frankly about time. Granted some people aren’t necessarily tech savvy, but even Grannies can break open old tech and fix old technology. Consider the Sunbeam toasters that were superior back then (the ones that could automatically lower and raise your bread for you)… Yet not everyone is a Grace Hopper, but they can certainly use a screwdriver and pop open certain aspects of their phone or deadlift weights in the gym should they so choose.

Now if only other companies like LG and Samsung would again follow suit and go back to user replaceable batteries, microSD cards, multiple SIMS cards and the ability to swap components modularly. Heck, they should have never tried to copy Apple and stuck to their far superior designs in the first place but did the best to jump on the bandwagon to emulate what everyone else was doing cause that’s just what seemed to be the standard. Now, consider the Pinephone Pro and Fairphone 4’s that have come out and other phones. They companies are trying to actually reintroduce the not so novel concept that once you buy the phone you own the phone and should be able to do whatever the heck you want to your phone including voiding the warranty, installing new or unlockable bootloaders and rooting your phone if you have the hankering to.

Perhaps more phone companies and tech companies should allow more choice like this. Either have locked down security phones where you can’t install jack squat in the name of a secure phone, or have a completely open tinkerable, modular phone that’s not only swappable, but also upgradable where you can insert new modules into a bay slot. Unfortunately knowing how big giant tech is, it usually comes in and sweeps in and buys up small mom and pop tech companies and replaces it with its own crappier version or obsoletes it out of existence.

Just look at a certain social media company monopoly that tended to buy companies and incorporate them Borg style into its own company make up. You could compare this action to just like that commercial that has been on some TV stations advertising Instacart. You know the one where if your “mom’s spare rib recipe” became big and became acquired by a corporation it would just be automated and all the loving care taken out of the recipe and become a robotically processed goopy gel squeezed onto some processed meat similar to other exact Franken-spare rib meals…

Give me choice or give me no product at all.


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