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Sunday, November 28, 2021

The’s been a lot going on in the news. From supply shortages to holiday shopping to crypto. We all know that there’s another endless story of dangerous variants going around. This week we decided to do a throw back to some elite athletes that were at the top of their game and should be inspiring to many young women.

A lot of people think of boxing and wrestling in the world of fighting championships. We seem to see more of these sports in the U.S. led industry. But while the sport has been around since the Olympics, not many people may be aware of the new sport that spawned from the combination of martial arts, boxing and wrestling. Purists may think of the originals as more refined or classic. What’s classier than two fellows beating on each other with padded gloves? But all jesting aside there have been many that have watched a few movies with the focus on duking it out in the boxing ring or some underdog working hard in the gym and rising to the top, going the distance and making it through several grueling rounds.

While the recent equality movements and advancements in sports technology have made some lesser known combat sports more mainstream there are still many misconceptions and myths. And the interesting thing is that sports that used to be in a male dominated industry have won over many fans of all different races, genders and creeds. Though many also often have a first impression of some sports like UFC being gratuitously violent or bloody, it doesn’t have to be so and has evolved over the years to high levels of skill that often may have championship level athletes never leave any serious marks on their opponent when you get to that level of high skill.

Thus it is with great admiration that we feature just a few of the names in UFC that became household names a few years back.

Holly Holm - born in October 17, 1981.
- American mixed martial artist. Competes in UFC Women's Bantamweight Championships. Was a boxer and kickboxer. Won many titles. First UFC title and world-boxing title. Most notable win was against Ronda Rousey on November 15, 2015 giving Rousey her first loss. Nicknamed "The Preacher's Daughter".
She is also skilled in gymnastics, swimming and diving and soccer. 

Miesha Tate - born August 18, 1986. 
- American mixed martial artist. Competed in UFC Women's Strikeforce Bantamweight Championships. Was Vice President of the ONE Championship
- Considered one of the best fighters and grappers. Has skills involving wrestling, jiu-jitsu.
- Good samaritan and helps others.
- Also went toe to toe with Ronda Rousey for several rounds both earning respect from each other.

Cat Zigliano - born in July 1, 1982
- American mixed martial artist
- Competed in Women's Featherweight, and Bellator MMA.
- Skilled in wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu
- Taken part in events to support American troop charities
- One of the one people to defeat Amanda Nunes in a TKO
- Advocates mental health awareness
- One of the few or only UFC fighters that was also a mother at the time.

Ronda Rousey - February 1, 1987
- pro wrestler, skilled in judo, actress, mma. Was in UFC. Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight Champion
- got involved in judo after mother won as the first World Judo Championship in 1984
- Became one of the defining best headling athletes in the sports of WWE and UFC.

One of the ring side commenters who has his own podcast and was also the host of Fear Factor, Joe Rogan has lent his own views on how these fighting stars matched up against each other and their fighting prowess. He once said that the sport continues to evolve and that even if you were big potatoes a decade ago, the new young fighters that come in and focus only on eating, breathing, and living the sport will run by and pass you over and leave you in the dust if you are still training in your old ways and dividing attention.

Whether you are into wrestling or boxing and root for Joe Frazier or Ken Norton or any other sport, there’s always something new for old and new sports fans to learn and talk about.

Author: Jada Phair

Jada Phair is a pseudonym weekend guest contributor writing for SWM. She is a relationship writer, a punk enthusiast, female advocate and general all around bad ass. When she's not out dirtbiking and skateboarding, she's coming up with lyrics for her band and YouTube channel. Don't get on her bad side.

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