Hi. I started this blog with the dream that one day I too could be on my way to making passive residual income and be able to quit my day job so that I could free up more of my time to pursue the things in life that I wanted. Every day I do a daily commute to work which takes about half an hour so I can spend my day cooped up in a cubicle. While I do help people compute numbers and figure out legal and logistic things, I have to admit that over time even doing this becomes the same thing and quite repetitious despite the fact that technically no two days are actually the same. Although the job isn’t particularly hard it is tedious and one starts craving to be challenged. The desire to speed up the road to financial freedom increases as soon as you realize, as I did, that I didn’t want to be stuck in a rat race involving an 8 to 5 every day, for the next 20 to 30 years of the best years of my life.

A few things woke me up in the past few years. First off it was a slow declining health. I was spending all of my time in front of a computer and traveling where I ended up with poor posture for a while, occasional bumpy rides that hurt my neck and just steady allergies. Not just neck, back and hip pain happens but all kinds of joint issues just from being sedentary at the office all the time.  Secondly I had a lot of free time during my downtime to research and realize that even with my stocks and investments and 401k it was still going to take a long time to get to a couple million, which in most people’s eyes is the magic number when financial freedom starts to hit. Thirdly, I checked my rate of returns and realized I wasn’t making things as quickly as I would like. And fourth there was a lot of economic uncertainty not just in politics and world affairs but things out of my control such as banks and shuttering of business in politics and financial bailouts. Stocks rose and fell on rumors and there were new financial instruments coming into play as well as constant threat of war. And fifth and lastly, I came across some articles about passive income, digital money investments, and a special blog site about making extra money, escaping the rat race and bettering myself. I think  2017 was the golden year that opened my mind. All these things came to a head one day when I was a bit heartbroken over the way one of my personal relationships had gone but had found redemption through second chances. I started looking at self-help and following TED talks at first to improve myself but quickly dove into financial advice research to try to help my friend that I cared about. I started taking more vacations and actually going after what I wanted instead of doing what everyone else said was good. I remember one day even that a close relative said superstitiously that it wasn’t a good weekend to travel for vacation when there’s a passing. But even though I myself was superstitious I had promised myself and a friend that I was going to take a vacation and have the best time I could. And it turned out to be great and bittersweet. But it made me along with other opportunities in the arts community that I’m involved in to realize that I have a bit of abundance and knowledge to share my experiences to help others.

So here I offer my blog and wisdom and advice and things to help others along the lines of others that have gone before me to pursue passive income through blogging as a side hustle and hope that someone is entertained, inspired, exhilarated, shocked, awed, and pensive at the ideas and thoughts I convey through my site. The greatest gift I can give is the knowledge and wisdom packaged in this site as a “world simulation” so that you yourself do not have to experience some of the heartaches or reinventing of the wheel as I have. Although, there is nothing wrong with trying things and experiencing your own style. Live my friend! You can’t help but learn in life.

So I offer you my knowledge or expertise as it were in a few key fields: education, technology, health, food, travel, finances, lifestyle, and arts. These eight categories cover a large range of topics and I hope are robust enough to encourage you to do more research and be a lifelong student. I hope to not just educate but also entertain and provide wit, insight and value for your life.

  • Education involves self-help, resources, and other educational media such as books, podcasts and videos to help encourage self-growth not only in business but also any and all areas of your life including all the above eight categories.
  • Technology covers AI, drone technology, computer tips and shortcuts, mobile devices and other digital hardware and software products out there. This may involve reviews as well as news articles.
  • Health deals with not just physical health that includes exercise, mental wellness and well-being, dietary but also spiritual health. It all ties in together.
  • Food contains articles on allergies, diet, common misconceptions and healthy recipes.
  • Travel is a category that can help you find inexpensive lodging and travel sites you can book with, destinations, and ways to save money as well as destinations and hotel recommendations.
  • Finance may cover stocks, cryptocurrency, 401k, metals, starting a business and how to budget, save and things to think about when retiring.
  • Lifestyle contains articles on fashion, accessories, gear for simplifying and making your life stylish and chic so you’re at your peak performance. Most people have a goal to life better or “live the good life” and have the trappings of abundance. So this can include camping, recreational vehicles, hunting, and furniture. This section also deals with decluttering and minimizing waste in life. This may also deal with family and summer festivals
  • Arts is the other category and an important one. No amount of money can buy you happiness and art is one of those things that creates inspiration, encourages imagination and excites intrigue. This section deals with film, artworks like paintings and live theater and music.

The goal of life in my opinion is not to go to the grave with extremes of all the money or dying in poverty but to be able to share and experience as many things as you can in life and enhance your experience and others. So I hope my site and blog helps you in maximizing your pleasures and achievements in life.

Much success to you!