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Robert Toru Kiyosaki, better known as Robert Kiyosaki is an inspiration to all business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Our news and entertainment site was greatly inspired and driven by his energetic concepts and ideas and might not have been born had it not been from the spark of financial ideas that came about around 2017.

Mr. Robert Kiyosaki is a businessman and author born in Hawaii in 1947 within the United States and founded a few different companies including Rich Global LLC as well as Rich Dad Company. He basically teaches business education concepts and personal finance much like some other websites out there but in his own style and ways. Some of his products include educational podcasts, online videos as well as books and e-books. Through his brand name people can conduct lectures and seminars as part of a franchise, basically get some advertising branding push in exchange for using the renown of the Kiyosaki name while in turn generating revenue for the company in general. His seminars are offered in many places now since he went online and is most famous for his Rich Dad Poor Dad series.

One of his life changing events according to him was taking a mind and life training seminar that transformed the way he thought about life. He has created at least 26 books. Some of his other books include “Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom”, “Rich Dad’s Rich Kid, Smart Kid, Rich Dad’s Retire Young, Retire Rich”, and “More Important than Money: An Entrepreneur’s Team”. Mr. Kiyosaki also has had military experience in the Marines and also an MBA at the University of Hawaii and worked for Xerox.

Mr. Kiyosaki is married to a Kim Kiyosaki and also involved in real estate, investing as well as alternative investment strategies such as commodities. He also has created a board game called Cashflow that helps teach kids about finance.

Although some of Mr. Kiyosaki’s financial advice and life advice is considered by some to be slightly controversial we feel he his information is invaluable for promoting free thought and educational tools. He helps many question and ask themselves what in life is really important and what is really making them wealthy and get profit versus owning a lot of things that don’t generate or throw off income. His advice includes information about assets, passive income, and the general direction of cash flow handling. As with any advice, it is a good idea to think for yourself and not be a “zombie” and told what to do and think. His book is inspiration to help people think they can escape the daily “rat race” if they can figure a way to guide their wealth. Another aspect of his teachings involve alternative ways of thinking about what money is and how reliance on someone else to make you wealthy or secure your wealth is a bad idea. His main tidbits of information emphasize to have a backup plan to make your own side income that way you’re not toiling for someone else for the rest of your youthful days.

If you would like to see more about his programs go to Rich Dad Radio Show here:

SWM probably wouldn’t have been started without a few net influencers and this is one of them. You can work for someone else for money or you can work for yourself and that’s why we believe Mr. Kiyosaki’s podcast and books are worth a read if you get a chance if nothing else but to get some of the ideas, mindsets, and paradigms for how to think about your financial world a little more.

Thanks for helping to educate, Mr. Kiyosaki.

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